About us

Welcome to DORIMODES



Let US tell you more about our history…


We are Thap Nguyen and Tran Dung, arrived in Russia in 2018,as a young Vietnamese couple almost instantaneously, we feel in love with the people and culture of Russia. We got inspiration from people, food, color… We are also amazed by the fabrics and crafts around us in the city.


Studying the ideal place, we got the idea to start DORIMODES. We started to design a fashion brand that reflects our passion for this new country and its culture. Our innovative designs are designed for all seasons of Russia.


As Big surprises DORIMODES became popular in the Russian fashion and art industry. Living and getting the success of our creativity in Russia, we decided to bring our brand one step ahead and participate in international fashion shows in the USA, Europe and Asia. Every experience Abroad is unique to us, and we love to know that DORIMODES have fans all over the world.


Our philosophy believes in inclusion, cultural traditions, happiness of life, sense of humor, handmade fashion and matching the scale of projects.


Meet Our Team

Nick Monroe

Human Resources

Diana Grey

Human Resources

Anthony Scott

Human Resources

Our Skills

Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%
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